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This Better Work brings a fresh approach to helping you make wise decisions about your future

Are you in high school?

Looking for some help with your next big decision – Grade 10 subject choices, taking a gap year, or what to do after school?


Our innovative process will help you:

Discover more about what makes you tick

Create an exciting vision for your future

Discover career areas that meet key global challenges and offer long-term opportunities

Find out how to use the things you have to do at school to gain valuable experience BEFORE it’s crunch decision time

Connect with a coach to help you navigate your career journey



Contact Us to Explore How We Can Help

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Andrew is the developer and lead coach at This Better Work. You can reach him here:

Cell: +27 79 6977110




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This Better Work is a project of The Youth Hub, a non-profit youth development organisation based in Cape Town.

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