About This Better Work

This Better Work helps you find direction for the next steps in your life after school.

We understand the pressure many young people face in having to answer the question: ‘what will you do after school?’ We realise that in many cases it’s not about having to make a high-stakes choice in school about the ONE career path to follow.

Instead, we want to help you figure out who are and what you want to do with your life. We’ve put together an innovative process that will help you discover some key things about yourself – your skills, purpose, ambitions and roles. Then we’ll help you create a plan to get valuable experience in a low-pressure environment to test out areas you’re interested in. When the time comes to make a big decision, you’ll have some good information and experience to work with.

About Andrew Vaughan

Andrew Vaughan is the lead developer of the This Better Work project. Andrew has 21 years experience in part and full-time youth work in multiple contexts including Johannesburg, Cape Town, the UK, and Vancouver, Canada. 

Andrew established The Youth Hub in 2013 as a way to provide youth and youth workers with resources that help young people lead full lives in multiple ways. Recent Youth Hub projects include a study into the digital lives of South African teenagers, development of an innovative social media messaging platform, and a series of resources guiding teens in their spiritual development.

Andrew began his career as a Mechanical Engineer working in the aerospace industry. Andrew is also a licensed glider pilot, keen adventure motorcyclist, and self-taught motorcycle mechanic. In his spare time Andrew runs a Cape Town-based adventure motorcycle touring company Ride Down South.

Who do we work with?

We work with individuals and in school communities. Individual students work on their own or in small groups through our resources online and with one of our coaches. Our Discover workshop can be run with school classes with the option of additional coaching.

Our Sources and Support

In building our career guidance toolkit we have been fortunate to have the guidance and support of the following organisations:

The Windmills Foundation is a UK based development organisation associated with the University of Liverpool. Led by Dr Peter Hawkins, Windmills has developed the successful STAR resource kit that helps high school students explore their future.

We are also fortunate to have the guidance and support of the UCT Careers Service team who are providing valuable input and feedback as we develop our resources.


Our coaching is conducted under the supervision of Alison Newby who has an MSc in Management of Technology and Innovation in the Domain of Coaching. Alison is also accredited to administer the Insights Discovery Personality assessment and is a member of USB-ED visiting faculty. 

Our philosophy and vision

You’ve arrived

It’s easy to fall in love with the GPS version of the universe. There, just ahead, after that curve. Drive a little further, your destination is almost here.
Done. You’ve arrived.
Of course, that’s not how it works. Not our careers, not our relationships, not our lives. You’ve always arrived. You’ve never arrived. Wherever you go, there you are. You’re never going to arrive because you’re already there. There’s no division between the painful going and the joyous arriving. If we let it, the going can be the joyful part.
It turns out that arrival isn’t the point, it can’t be, because we spend all our time on the journey.  Seth Godin 

Why ‘This Better Work’?

The name ‘This Better Work’ works on multiple levels…

Firstly, I’m convinced that we can help young people find ‘better work’ in their lives: work that is meaningful, satisfying and that enables them to earn a good living in a changing employment environment. This work may not be one set career you choose from school but a number of things you give your time to over the years.

Second, it seems to tap in to the anxiety faced by many teenagers and parents as they try and make career decisions that are often based on very little information, and that have significant financial implications. ‘This had better work!’ We want to help young people take their next career step off a solid platform of knowledge and experience – and with less anxiety.

Thirdly, there’s an urgent need to mobilise a generation of young people who will create innovative solutions to the many critical issues facing our global community. Whether it’s climate change, energy, inequality, sustainable use of natural resources, justice, education, healthcare, financial integrity or any number of other issues, our interventions in the next few decades had ‘better work’ too.

What’s our vision?

Frederich Buechner said our core human desires can mostly fit into three categories: identity, purpose and relationship. We all, he says, seek someone to be, something to do, and someone to love.

We believe more young people today are looking for that sense of meaning and purpose in their lives and career journeys. They are drawn to communities that are prepared to do whatever it takes to solve some big global challenges, and in so doing, help our planet thrive and help others enjoy better lives too.

Our vision is a generation of young people who enjoy full lives through having found meaningful, satisfying work that makes a lasting impact on the challenges faced by the global community.

Our mission is to provide a balanced, integrated career guidance program that helps young people grow in their self-awareness and understanding of the world around them. By partnering with local schools we help students find opportunities in their learning to discover and explore a wide range of career options.



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Andrew is the developer and lead coach at This Better Work. You can reach him here:

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