What makes you tick?
What does the world need?
What role would you love to play?

We’ve adapted proven resources from the Windmills STAR project and developed our own to help you think in fresh ways about the kinds of work you’ll find meaningful and rewarding


What we explore

You're far more gifted and talented than you probably realise. These are the good things you've got going for you ...

What things do you love doing, which skill groups are you best at? What skills could you begin to develop now?

What tribe do you belong to? This Interests exercise will help you identify the things you love to do, and new interests you could develop.

We've adapted a personality discovery tool that will give you fresh insights into what makes you tick.

What does the world need most, the way you see it? We've identified 16 key global challenges that offer rewarding work opportunities

What things do you most want to be, do or have in your life? What's really important to you?

What would be your ideal working environment? What roles would you most enjoy playing?

If you could see yourself in the future playing a role that combined the best of your skills, interests, personality, purpose and values, what would it look like?


At the end you will be able to:

* Identify kinds of meaningful, satisfying work you could do one day that combines your strengths, values and sense of purpose

* Identify areas you can develop now to grow your career options

* Write a more detailed CV based on your increased awareness of your strengths and personality

* Identify ways you can gain more experience in your area of interest, for example, through related science expo projects, community service opportunities, job shadow placements etc

* Begin a conversation with one of our career coaches who will help you navigate the next decisions you need to make 


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