Tools to help you discover more about what makes you tick

Skills, Treasures, Ambitions, Roles

CSI tool

Your Story
Milestones and other significant experiences in your life so far
Creative way to get people to think about significant events in their lives
– roles, interests, things people said, things you’ve done, (360 approach helpful here)


What vision do you have for your life?
What would you like to be remembered for? What causes do you want to fight for? What makes you angry?

Tools to help you discover more about what makes you tick

Global Challenges
Creative way of interacting with global challenges, targets, stories of people doing good work
– pack of cards with a challenge / target / story on each one. Colour coded around SDG’s
– pack of cards with broad work categories – find a way to link to challenges

Group exercise
– pick 5 cards you’re drawn to most, say why
– 5 cards you’re drawn to least – say why

Challenge think tank
– take one challenge, as a group brainstorm possible solutions or strategies to solve
– afterwards, think about how energised you were about a challenge, which one would you like to come back to?

Next step – plan a visit to where that challenge is experienced or being tackled in real life
Challenges lab session – in center, with cards, videos, think tanks etc. Use this to identify a real world challenge experience.

Challenges experience – arrange a visit to a place where this is real. Interact with people, things etc. Then group session.

How drawn to this are you now? Ready for a next step? Or back to look at something different?