Session 1: The Hero’s Journey

Session 1: The Hero’s Journey

The hero’s journey is a theme we see in lots of movies and novels. Some ordinary person just going about their normal life gets an unexpected call to an adventure. What follows is a journey that involves strange new lands, danger, treasure, crises, narrow escapes, help from strangers. Eventually the hero returns home, the same person but somehow transformed by the journey. 

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‘In the cave you fear to enter, lies the treasure you seek’

‘Going on a hero’s journey is about leaving your comfort zone, having an experience that transforms you, recovering … then doing it all again…’

In this session we’ll explore how the quest to find something meaningful to do with your life could be a similar kind of adventure. It will involve leaving your comfort zone, relying on the help of strangers, and seeking your treasure in new places. 

However it turns out, you will be changed – in a good way! – by the experience.