Your Prime Skills

Your Prime Skills

You may still be in your teens or early twenties, but you’ve already picked up a whole lot of skills – things like communicating, learning, team-working, problem solving, reading, writing – and a whole bunch more…




One of the keys to finding satisfying work is to be able to use things you are good at AND enjoy doing. In this session you’ll explore a wide range of different skill types – and come up with a group of skills you love using and are good at.

Some of the broad skill groups include:

  • Enterprise skills – getting things started, selling, leading, managing and networking
  • Processing skills – methods, procedures and actions that produce or create things
  • People skills – creating, building and maintaining relationships with other people
  • Creative skills – developing and creating things
  • Exploring skills – finding things out and exploring issues
  • Practical skills – operating and producing things


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