Get Personal Insights for Better Subject, Study and Career Decisions

Make career decisions that fit who you are, what you want, and what our rapidly changing career landscape is shaping up to be

Choose the right school subjects

Find the right mix of school subjects that interest you and will give you the best options for your career after school

Discover new, inspiring study and career ideas

Whether you've got a clear idea of what you'd like to do after school or no idea at all, we'll help you get fresh and exciting ideas for what you could do, then narrow it down to what you should do next

Explore your options with a life and career coach

Get a one-on-one session with one of our life and career coaches. We'll help you better understand your current situation, explore what you want to achieve, and then decide on the best way forward

How it Works

Whether you need help with subject choices, ideas for what to do after school or university, or just want to get to know yourself better, our process will help you get the knowledge and experience you need to make great career decisions. 


Take Our Online

A good place to start is the online self-assessment. We've called it The Great Mountain Plan-X Adventure. Complete quests and gather resources at your own pace to get new insights into who you are and what you want for your life.

Then book a time with a coach to help you reflect on what you discovered and what you might want to do next.


Get Personal

A coaching session is a great way to process the discoveries you made in the Great Mountain Plan-X Adventure. 

You can also start with a coaching session to understand your situation better and figure out your next steps - no matter what decision you need to make.


Make Connections with the World of Work

In the Great Mountain Plan-X Adventure you'll get to explore our collection of global challenge projects to inspire you with ideas for how you could help change our world.

If you want to explore your ideas further we'll help you connect with someone who's willing to share their experiences of that role or field with you

Boost Your Career Readiness with these Added Benefits

Build your career capital

Our process will help you to start building your collection of transferable skills, connections, credentials and begin working on your financial independence. Building your career capital will help you develop and thrive through your school and study days, your working life and beyond.

Build an excellent LinkedIn profile and CV

The insights you gain from The Great Mountain Plan-X Adventure and coaching will give you rich, high quality content for your CV or LinkedIn profile. Use our templates to create a great LinkedIn profile.

Understand what makes you tick

The Great Mountain Plan-X Adventure is an online self-discovery course that will help you understand yourself better. Explore your internal energies, personality, interests, skills and sense of purpose. Knowing what makes you tick will help you enjoy life more now, even if you're not making a career decision

What People are Saying

'Find your unique place in a changing and challenging world'

Ingrid van der Merwe

Head – Careers Advisory, University of Cape Town

'We are excited at the fresh, future focused approach of 'This Better Work'. What the team has developed is relevant, engaging and completely in line with modern career development approaches. This Better Work helps people understand their values, skills and passions, and find their unique place in a changing and challenging world.'

'This has opened my eyes to what I am good at'


Grade 9 student, Pretoria

'I found this experience very helpful for me, before taking this course I was really confused and unsure about what I wanted to do. I wasn't sure about almost everything but this has opened my eyes to what I am good at, what i like doing, my character traits and from there the career opportunities i have through those things and the whole experience has organized my thoughts.'

'The adventure theme made everything much more fun and less daunting'


Grade 10 student, Cape Town

'Loved what you’re doing with this website - how it’s interactive and the whole adventure theme made everything much more fun and less daunting.'

'It's a guide to where you hope to be heading'


Grade 9 student, Sydney

'I have learnt that we don't need to have a plan A. To many students it's plan A or nothing. Instead with the term Plan X is different as it's a guide to the direction that you are interested in doing. It's a guide to where you hope to be heading rather than if your plan fails you having nothing left.'

Options and Pricing



All access package

Access the self-assessment and get a follow-up coaching session. You also get access to our People and Projects network to help you make connections with the world of work

  • Full access to the online self-assessment, the Great Mountain Plan-X Adventure
  • Includes one 75-min coaching session
  • Access to People and Projects Network
  • Get the information you need to build an excellent CV and LinkedIn profile



coaching only

Get a 75-minute coaching session with one of our qualified life and career coaches. We'll help you better understand your current situation and explore options for your way forward.

  • Personal life and career coach
  • In-person or online
  • Explore any topic
  • Follow-up sessions available

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