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Find Your Unique Place in a Changing and Challenging World

At This Better Work you'll discover:

the ROLES you'd love to play

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the IMPACT you'd love to have on the world

Get some great ideas for things you COULD do

Then home in on what you SHOULD do 

What Are People Saying?

We are excited at the fresh, future focused approach of 'This Better Work'. What the team has developed is relevant, engaging and completely in line with modern career development approaches. This Better Work helps people understand their values, skills and passions, and find their unique place in a changing and challenging world.

Ingrid van der Merwe, Head – Careers Advisory Service, University of Cape Town


I have learnt that we don't need to have a plan A. To many students it's plan A or nothing. Instead with the term Plan X is different as it's a guide to the direction that you are interested in doing. It's a guide to where you hope to be heading rather than if your plan fails you having nothing left."  

Chloe, Grade 9, Sydney 

"I've learnt about the skills that I would be good at: processing and exploring. Originally, I had the misconception that I would enjoy being a manager working in business and enterprise. However, in this workshop I have found out that instead of working as a leader delegating tasks and communicating with people, I would much rather be a follower, and work as an auditor handling the financials."    

Isabella, Grade 9, Sydney


This Better Work is a timely new initiative guiding young adults in a space of definite need: broadening their horizons by highlighting their areas of strength and thoughts on related career opportunities, but not limiting them into ‘a job’.

Barry, Cape Town


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