At This Better Work, we understand the pressure many young people face in having to answer the question: ‘what will you do after school?’

We realise that it's difficult to make what feels like a big 'career' decision with relatively little knowledge and experience to work with.

To help you figure out who are and what you want to do with your life, we’ve put together a process that will help you come up with some exciting ideas of meaningful and significant things you could do. Then we’ll help you create a plan to get valuable experience in a low-pressure environment to test out areas you’re interested in. When the time comes to make your next big decision, you’ll have some good information and experience to work with.

Andrew Vaughan is the lead developer at This Better Work project. Andrew has 21 years of youth work experience in multiple contexts including Johannesburg, Cape Town, the UK, and Canada. 

Andrew began his career as a Mechanical Engineer working in the aerospace industry before changing tack and entering full-time youth work. Andrew has Masters degrees in Engineering and Theology, and is completing a NQF level 8 degree in Coaching through the University of Stellenbosch. Andrew is also a qualified adventure motorcycle tour guide.

Andrew facilitates This Better Work workshops in schools in Pretoria and Sydney and conducts individual consultations in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town.


Our student coaching and tutor training is conducted under the supervision of Alison Newby who has an MSc in Management of Technology and Innovation in the Domain of Coaching. Alison is also accredited to administer the Insights Discovery Personality assessment and is a member of USB-ED visiting faculty.

Our Associations

We have been fortunate to have the guidance and support of Dr Pete Hawkins at the Windmills Foundation in the UK. Windmills is associated with the University of Liverpool and has developed the successful STAR resource kit.

We are also fortunate to have the guidance and support of the UCT Careers Service team who are providing valuable input and feedback as we develop our resources.

"We are excited at the fresh, future focused approach of 'This Better Work'. What the team has developed is relevant, engaging and completely in line with modern career development approaches. This Better Work helps people understand their values, skills and passions, and find their unique place in a changing and challenging world.”

Ingrid van der Merwe, Head – Careers Service, University of Cape Town

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You can also email Andrew at: andrew@thisbetterwork.com

Or phone: +27 79 6977110

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