What Roles Could I Play?

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Think of a role as like a job title which describes the unique part you play in a project or organisation. It might be helpful to think how you could finish this sentence: "I could be a ... "

All of us play a bunch of roles all the time … brother/sister, student, boy/girl friend, bestie, fixer-of-things-that-go-wrong, influencer, fashionista, opinionista, person-who-gets-people-laughing …

Which roles would you love to play in a working space?

roles I could play
"I could be a ____________"

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Roles Based on Your Skills

Look again at the group of skills you love using AND were good at (you can also include the ones you feel you're just OK at). Imagine being in a work space where you get to focus on these? Hopefully that's an exciting thought?

Roles Based on Your Personality

Now, look over the characteristics that describe your personality and internal energies. Can you think of some roles that would fit well with these? Enter any ideas you can think of in the blue box. 

Roles Based on Your Interests

Nearly there! Can you think of some roles based on the things you're interested in? Again, enter any ideas you can think of in the blue box. 


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