Discover Your Plan X - then Turn it Into Plan A

We've set out 7 steps to help you get ready for life after school - and get the most out of your time while you're still IN school.

The first three steps will help you come up with ideas - lots of ideas! - of things you COULD do.

The last four steps will help you test out your ideas and home in on a few things you SHOULD do.

Complete the first three steps and we'll give you a FREE coaching session to help you reflect on your discoveries and create a plan for the next stage.

What COULD you do?

This journey is about finding all the ingredients you need to create an exciting PLAN X - an experimental, working idea of what you'd love to do one day. Whether you've already got a pretty good idea or you have no ideas at all or if, these three short courses will help you imagine a bunch of new and exciting possibilities.

What SHOULD you do?

This course will help you get the information and experience you need to turn your Plan X into Plan A. This is about homing in on all the things you COULD do to the thing you SHOULD do. We've got some tried and tested tools to help you home in on the best option to choose in your next big career decision - whether that's Grade 10 subject choices or what to apply for after school. 

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