Great Mountain

The Great Mountain Plan-X Adventure will help you get exciting ideas for what you could do and should do - now and after school 

Collect valuable insights about yourself and the world of work at Base Camp and 4-Treasures Valley. Create your career 'Plan-X' at Plan-X Peak and get some real world experience at Connection Crossing.

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What You Ge​​​​t By Joining the Adventure

Collect these ingredients to create an exciting, no-pressure 'Plan-X'. This will give you some great ideas of what you could do and should do after you leave school. 

Your strengths

Start off with an encouraging reminder of the good things you've got going for you

Your Interests

Visit Tribes Island and Fascination Falls to help you identify the things you're interested in. Use our collection of real world projects and jobs to get some great ideas.

The THings THAT Make you tick

At Discovery Gorge we'll help you explore your unique personality and internal energies. Use these insights to help you identify some roles you'd love to play in a work environment.

your prime skills

At Skills Slackline use our fun tool to identify the skills you love using and are good at. Then use these to explore some exciting possible work ideas.

your sense of what the world needs most

At Lookout Ridge use our collection of Global Challenges to identify something you might want to help change  

create your plan-x

At Plan-X Peak we'll help you use all the ideas you've collected on your journey to create a bunch of exciting ideas for your future. Including some you've probably never thought of before.  

BUILD your LINKED-In profile

Use the ideas and discoveries you've collected to build a rich and creative Linked-In profile

get real-world work information 

At Connection Crossing we'll help you connect with someone to explore how your Plan-X idea will work in the real world 

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