Our Toolkit

Here's a sneak preview of some of the tools we use to help you figure out your Plan X

16 Key Global Challenges

To help you identify some Fields you'd like to work in one day, we've collected 16 key Global Challenges for you to explore. These have been identified by the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and others. They will not only help you connect with some ways you can make a difference in the world but also help you identify areas of global investment - and work opportunities.

Curated Articles on Global Issues to Inform and Inspire You

We've been collecting loads of articles about key work areas and global issues to inform and inspire you. Use our article tag cloud to explore this deep knowledge base.

Identify Your Prime Skills

Identify the skills you love to use and are good at - and some work roles to avoid - using this excellent, interactive skills card pack from Windmills Online. 

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