What We Offer

Take the online self-assessment, get personal coaching, and make real connections with the world of work

Three Resources to Help You Make Better Subject, Study or Career Decisions


Online Self-Assessment

Dig deeper into who you are and what you want.  Explore your interests, skills, personality, and ways you can change the world.


Personal Coaching

Connect with a qualified life and career coach who can accompany you on your career path from school to the working world. 


Connections with the World of Work

Access our collection of inspiring global challenge projects and connect with a network of people who are willing to share their experiences of the working world with you. 

The Great Mountain Plan-X Adventure

An Online Self-Assessment

The Great Mountain Plan-X Adventure is a fun online adventure where you get to dig deeper into who you are and what you want.  

Explore your interests, skills, personality, and ways you can change the world. Discover exciting Roles you could play and Fields you could work in. Then bring it all together to create your Career Plan-X.

What's In the Course

Your Strengths

Begin with an encouraging reminder of your strengths and the good things you've got going for you.

Your Interests

Visit Tribes Island and Fascination Falls to help you identify the things you're interested in. Use our collection of real world projects and challenge areas to inspire you with some new ideas.

The things That Make You Tick

At Discovery Gorge we'll help you explore your unique personality and internal energies. Use these insights to help you identify some roles you'd love to play in a work environment.

Your Prime Skills

At Skills Slackline use our interactive skills assessment resource to identify the skills you love using and are good at. Then use these skills to identify work roles you could play and fields you could work in.

Your Sense of What the World Needs Most

At Lookout Ridge explore our collection of Global Challenges and identify what you think the world needs most. Use this insight to identify possible roles and fields of work where you can make a difference.  

Create Your Plan-X

At Plan-X Peak you bring all your ideas and insights together to create some fresh and exciting ideas for your future. What work roles could you play? Which fields could you work in? What difference would you love to make?

Build Your LinkedIn Profile

A good LinkedIn profile is a valuable asset as you explore the world of work and begin to turn your Plan-X into Plan-A. We'll help you use the insights you gained to fill your LinkedIn profile with relevant and compelling information. 

Connect With People in the World of Work

At Connection Crossing we'll help you connect with people who are actively engaged in areas you're interested in. Continue to turn your Plan-X into Plan-A through short, network-building engagements.

Coaching:  Personal Guidance for You

A personal coaching session is a great way to process the discoveries you make in the Great Mountain Plan-X Adventure. We'll help you better understand your current situation, explore your options and decide on the best way forward. Coaching is done online or in-person.

What is Life or Career Coaching?
Just like a sports coach, a life or career coach can help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Instead of working on physical sports skills we explore a life, academic or career-related issue you are dealing with. A coach will help you understand your current situation better, imagine some good outcomes and decide on your next steps.

The topic you bring to a coaching session can be about anything. You may want to dig a bit deeper into the discoveries you made in the Great Mountain Plan-X Adventure. You might just want to explore a tough choice about school subjects, or how to get better marks, or resolve a difficult issue. Coaching can be simply about having someone to listen and help you find some fresh ideas.   

Sessions can be one-off events or a series of three or more. 

Our Coaches

Andrew vaughan
Founder and Coach

Andrew has a NQF level 7 qualification in coaching from the University of Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development (USB-ED). Andrew has over 20 years experience in coaching and mentoring high-school and university students in a variety of contexts including  the UK, Canada and South Africa.

Alison Newby
Coaching partner

Alison Newby has an MSc in Management of Technology and Innovation in the Domain of Coaching. Alison is also accredited to administer the Insights Discovery Personality assessment and is a member of USB-ED visiting faculty.

Connect:  People & Projects Network

Our People and Projects resource gives is a great way to connect with the real world of work. Explore our collection of global challenges and connect with a network of people who are willing to share their experience of the world of work with you.

A Network of People to Guide You

We're building a network of people who are willing to share their experiences of the working world with you. Explore a field or role you're interested with someone who has inside knowledge and experience. We'll make the connection and set you up with everything you need to conduct an online Information Interview.

16 Global Challenges to Inspire You

We've collected 16 Global Challenges based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Use the information we've collected for each goal to find out more about the people involved and the projects you could be part of

Justice for All

Quality Education





Food Security

Global Finance



Clean Water

Work for All

Climate Change

Life in the Information Age

Poverty and Inequality

Gender Equality

Options and Pricing



All access package

Access the self-assessment and get a follow-up coaching session. You also get access to our People and Projects network to help you make connections with the world of work

  • Full Access to the Great Mountain Plan-X Adventure
  • Includes 1 60-min Coaching Session
  • Access to People and Projects Network
  • Get the information you need to build an excellent CV and LinkedIn profile



coaching only

Book a coaching session with a qualified life and career coach. We'll help you better understand your current situation and explore options for your way forward. 60-min follow-up sessions at R450

  • Personal life and career coach
  • In-person or online
  • Explore any topic

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