What are your interests?

Coming up with a list of the things you’re interested in is a key part of discovering the kind of work you may one day want to do. If you’re not interested in the things you’re involved with you probably won’t enjoy the work you do or find it interesting.

In our next session together we’ll help you come up with a list of your top interests. Before then, spend some time thinking about the kinds of things you’re interested in. Write down as many as you can. Here are some questions to help you get thinking …

  • When you have free time and no one is telling you what to do, what do you like to do?
  • What was / is your favourite subject at school / university?
  • What kinds of YouTube channels do you subscribe to?
  • Fill in the blank: when I’m (doing) …………., I lose track of time and don’t want anyone or anything to disturb me
  • If someone asked you what you favourite interests are, what would you say?
  • What are your favourite hobbies, sports, or recreational activities
  • What kinds of problems do you like to solve?
  • What kinds of questions do your friends or classmates bring to you for help?
  • What fascinates you? What could you read about, talk about, or do for hours?

If you’re stuck for ideas you can check out this list of hobbies and interests here


… ask your parents or a sibling, or someone who has known you for a while to make their own list of some of the things they have seen you take an interest in.